The Amazon Kinesis Video Streams service makes it easy to securely stream video from different devices to the AWS Cloud for real-time video processing, machine learning (ML), analytics, playback, and storage.

Using the Kinesis Video Streams Producer Library for C++, Java, or Android, you can integrate a wide range of devices with Kinesis Video Streams.

If you do not want to develop applications […]

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This blog post provides up-to-date information about the hardware and software profiles of the AWS Lambda execution environment:

  • CPU, memory, disk size, and the execution duration
  • OS version, Linux kernel version, timezone, runtime versions, AWS SDK versions, environment variables, resource limits, and the list of RPM packages


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Customer feedback is vital for running a successful business. In most cases, customers do not spend time for opening an email client and sending a message to the contact email address. That is why most websites offer some type of “Contact Us” or “Feedback” form.

Static websites do not run any server-side code. In this case, you need to use an external service to allow the submission of customer […]

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The applied rate for data transfer OUT from a Lightsail or EC2 instance to the Internet depends on the AWS region and varies from 90 USD to 170 USD per 1 TB.

For a Lightsail instance, both data transfer IN and data transfer OUT count toward the data transfer allowance of this instance. You can not control what is sent from the Internet to your Lightsail instance. That means, your […]

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Amazon Lightsail offers more than 10 images (blueprints) with ready to run popular software. If you want to host a static website on Amazon Lightsail, you may choose the image with the pre-installed Nginx web server, PHP, and MySQL. This certified by Bitnami Ubuntu-based installation also supports the auto-configuration of free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates.

If the images with ready to run […]

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