AWS CodeCommit offers secure Git-based repositories. To connect to CodeCommit repositories, you can use Git together with the credential helper that is part of the AWS Command Line Interface (CLI). AWS CodeCommit supports Git versions 1.7.9 and later.

To perform different operations on your CodeCommit repositories, you can also use the AWS SDK. For example, you can add or update a file in a […]

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Amazon Lightsail offers a simple way to host Virtual Private Servers (VPS) for a low, predictable price. In a few mouse clicks, you can create a Lightsail instance with pre-installed software, for example, with WordPress Content Management System (CMS), Nginx web server or Microsoft SQL Server Express database.

If you do not want to run images (blueprints) with pre-installed software, you can […]

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Amazon S3 offers a simple way to host a static website. If you want to speed up this website, you can serve it through an Amazon CloudFront distribution, a content delivery network (CDN). For your CloudFront distribution, you can request a free public SSL certificate in AWS Certificate Manager (ACM), or you can import and use an existing SSL certificate.

Also, you can redirect requests from www […]

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The estimated AWS charges for your AWS account can be sent several times a day as metric data to CloudWatch in the US East (N. Virginia) region. You can enable this option in the Billing and Cost Management console.

To keep track of your AWS charges, you may want to configure a daily email notification. This blog post describes how to do it.


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The AWS Command Line Interface (CLI) is not pre-installed in the AWS Lambda execution environment.

Compared to the AWS SDK, the AWS CLI simplifies the usage of some AWS services. Depending on your use case, you may want to use the AWS CLI in your Lambda function.

This blog post describes how to include the AWS CLI into the deployment package of your Lambda function and how to run the AWS CLI […]

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